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Vertical gardens are all the rage these days. By mixing the organic with the busy and modern style of city life, these upright patches of green beauty are the go-to for revamping a boring or unused space.
The addition of a vertical garden doesn’t mean grueling hard work and the necessity of having a green thumb, either. This is a testament to the popularity of vertical gardens. It’s incredibly easy to create and maintain a vertical garden; which then makes it a pleasure to enjoy. If you have a blank wall in your office, your balcony, or even in your kitchen, you can make use of this growing trend with just a few quick and simple steps. The sky really is the limit when it comes to turning an empty wall into a tropical paradise. All it takes is a tiny bit of online research to discover exactly what plants will grow best in your chosen spot and away you go!

For instance, succulents and hardy herbs do wonderfully in a sunny, outdoor area, and soft herbs, small veggies, and perfumed flowers can go perfectly near your kitchen. Your imagination becomes your tool when designing your ideal vertical garden and all you need to consider is what light your plants will receive and whether the style, smell, and look of your chosen plants suit your needs and your home. Whatever you end up choosing, your vertical garden will guarantee to be a hit because of its authenticity and great use of previously unused space.

Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, you can either DIY the project or get some professional help. The latter option requires you to do some research to find a particular design company in Sydney that suits your budget and style and once you have the perfect match, you’ll be amazed at how creative this new form of gardening has become. Designers aren’t afraid to take these modern gardens to the next level; sometimes by adding cascading elements such as ivy and jasmine that will cling and grow upwards, or by creating separate sections for flowers, herbs, and small veggies. If you do choose to DIY instead, you’ve got a range of helping hands available via the Internet or at your local design and home wares stores.

The maintenance of a vertical garden is also a simple task and often involves a quick water once every week or so, and very minimal weeding, pruning or replanting. Depending on your chosen flowers and plants, you may have a flourishing garden all year long or you’ll be surprised by a huge growth of plants during spring or summer.

Once your garden is up you’ll be able to take advantage of a low maintenance garden that cleans the air around you and offers up a luscious and welcoming warmth to your home or office.
You’ll have all your friends and colleagues fawning over your new creation; little do they know that you barely lifted a finger in the process.